Impact Of Faith

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We walk by FAITH, not by sight!

Bryan Medina (Guitar)
David Alvarado (Keys-Vocals)
Edwin Soto Saucedo (Vocals)
George Zepeda (Saxophone)
Isaac Alvarado (Bass-Vocals)
Jessica Gorostieta (Vocals)
Joel Alvarado (Drums)
Marlenn Aguirre (Vocals)
Melissa Gomez (Vocals)
Richard Pineda (Guitar)

In 2007, Impact of Faith began as part of a small youth group at Monte Sinaí Pentecostal Church in North Hollywood, California. The youth ministry was beginning and members of the youth group desired to worship God through songs they could relate to. Along with their youth leaders, they began a worship team of young worshipers. The three Alvarado brothers: Isaac, Joel and David, along with Edwin, Bryan and George collaborated using their musical gifts to start off what would soon be "La Luz de la Cruz".
The Lord began working through these young men to minister the congregation during worship and praise. 
They began to see the impact they had in the youth through worship. The young men desired to grow passionate for Christ and continue using their musical gifts to Glorify God as they introduced the Love of Jesus to the youth around them.
It was then, in 2009, when the group decided to permanently change their band name to IMPACT OF FAITH.
In 2010, the worship band grew with the addition of female vocalists: Marlenn and Jessica.
The youth has traveled to several cities with the only purpose of spreading the Gospel through worship. The desire of bringing HOPE to a lost generation has grown within the hearts of this worship team. The youth ministry at Monte Sinaí Pentecostal church begins to grow as more and more youth are IMPACTED and touched by Unconditional and Eternal Love of Jesus Christ.
They continue to lead worship at their home church and are unraveling a revival in their generation to bring Hope to their city and their world.

Impact of Faith's whole purpose is to spread the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ through worship and praise. IOF believes that in today's generation, we will see God work His miracles and wonders through the youth! We see Hope in our generation and we want the lost youth to encounter the Love of God in a way they never expected! Through passion, love and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Impact of Faith desires for our generation to be filled with the Glory of God and burning with passion to spread the Gospel. It is through their musical gifts that the band members have decided to take their stand in living a radical life to make an IMPACT in their generation. Through the worship, we believe that God can bring deliverance and freedom to the heart and souls of the people; young and old. We continue to live a passionate Love and wish to make our God known by sharing the worship deep within our hearts to the World!